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Venue Review: The Burger Company

The Burger Company had me at the tater tot nachos
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The Burger Company
By "Robin Hall Domeier, Special to the Observer"
The Charlotte Observer

1500 W. Moorhead St.

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Two bites into the tater tot nachos, and I knew I would be going back to The Burger Company.

The Morehead Street hangout also rocks out some stand-up burgers - for which the meat is ground in-house. Burger-driven restaurants are the thing in Charlotte right now, and I'd say The Burger Company is one of the better ones.

Brothers David and Randy Smith are the owners. Both work in commercial real estate. But since the commercial real estate business isn't exactly thriving, and the Smith brothers owned the building, David said, "We figured, why not open up a burger place."

The Burger Company straddles the line between being a bar that serves food and a restaurant that has a good bar. Next to the sizeable bar that takes up one side of the room, is the order counter.

Tell the cashier what you want, get a number and then go find a table. I noticed a bit of an oily, almost greasy smell in the air - not pleasant. And peanut oil is the choice here, so those with allergies, beware.

The tater tot nachos are $7.50 - more than the burgers. But they were ridiculously good, and if you split them with a buddy, the price tag gets easier to overlook. Actually you'll need to share them anyway because they're huge. Perfectly crisped tater tots were home base for melted queso, beefy chili, jalapenos, tomatoes and lettuce. Bravo to The Burger Company for thinking outside of the box on this one.

The burger buns get a crisping to help stand up to the juices of the meat and the moisture of the toppings. That crisping was especially useful in the reuben burger with its strands of sauerkraut and dollops of 1000 Island dressing.

Since all burgers come sans sides, we ordered the onion rings (the kind with a rough breading, as opposed to the smooth, beer-battered exterior) to go along with the pesto burger. We had no complaints with the thin-sliced rings.

I did have a beef with the pesto burger. On the menu it was listed among the stuffed burgers. On the overhead board, it wasn't. I suppose we should have asked to be sure, but we went with what was on the menu, but got what was on the board. The flavor was fine, nice strong notes of basil and garlic. But for $6.50, I expected a little more.

If that's the biggest fault I could find with The Burger Company, then that's not so bad. If I'd skipped the onion ring side, I'd have come closer to making my $25 meal-for-two budget. Those tater tot nachos, they're the reason I'll visit The Burger Company again.

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(no rating) Nov. 11, 2010 - The Charlotte Observer - Robin Hall Domeier, Special to the Observer

Dining on a Budget: Burger-driven restaurants are the thing in Charlotte right now, and I'd say The Burger Company is one of the better ones.

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(no rating) Nov 11, 2010 - Franwick
The Burger Company

My family and i went to the Burger Company recently. First thing the service leaves much to be desired. My son's food was so late coming everyone else had eaten. He just got a refund on his meal. We will not go back.

(no rating) Nov 11, 2010 - chalkmark

stunned that folks think paying ten bucks for a burger and 7 bucks for fries is 'a good bargain'.

(no rating) Nov 11, 2010 - JandWBill

“Best Burger in Town”. I have been to the Burger Co. at least 8 times since they opened. The one thing I can say is its good, consistent and reasonably priced. The outside seating area with view of down town is nice. Good luck finding a parking space or leaving with money still in your wallet at Big Daddy's, Pinky's or Nix Burger Bar. Glad to have more restaurants in the neighborhood.
Keep up the good work.

Nov 10, 2010 - willwillywilson
Better than McDonalds

Better than McDonalds is about the best compliment I can give the Burger Company. On my visit I had the chili burger and side of fries. My burger was good, not great, and a little over seasoned. The chili, though advertised as ground fresh daily, was nothing special. My fries were also about average though another member of my party had the sweet potato tater tots and love those. I'd give the Burger Company another shot since it wasn't bad but Five Guys has them beat hands down.

Nov 10, 2010 - pnthrfan10
THE BEST turkey burger ever!

My co-workers and I go to The Burger Company atleast once a week for lunch and I have never been disappointed with the service or food! Their turkey burgers are my favorite, it has so much flavor and the lemon mayo just makes it! The sweet potato tater tots are great as well; you can't get them just any where.

The Burger Co. is always busy during lunch, that should tell you something. I have noticed they have daily drink specials that are good deals and a long list of beers also. I love that they have a featured burger, usually monthly. The most recent was the meatloaf burger and it was really good.

This is a great place to come before or after the Panthers game, which I do a lot, and grab a bite to eat and have a drink and play some cornhole (for free)! They also have a free shuttle on game days which is really nice.

I haven't found anything to complain about thus far so I will definitely keep coming back!

Great food, clean place, good atmosphere and good prices for the quality!!

Nov 10, 2010 - charlottefood

I have tried every burger joint in town and The Burger Co. has the best turkey burger and sweet potato tater tots I have ever had. Compared to Big Daddy's and Pinky's The Burger Company is better and cheaper than both. The service is quick and good, they are all very friendly in there.

Obviously the other three people who left comments, including the Repoman, need to stick with repo-ing cars and not giving their opinion on food joints. Just b/c you have an opinion don't always mean you should give it! Stick to what you know, just b/c you eat don't mean you are a food critic!

I have no complaints Burger Co....don't change a thing!

Nov 10, 2010 - BastardHound
Great Place

The place is clean great food good drink specials. They do free pour drinks. And prices are the same as other places offering the same thing. They have a great patio and cornhole. The burgers are not ten dollars and the fries are not seven dollars Chalkmark needs to look at the prices instead of making some stupid comment

(no rating) Nov 10, 2010 - TheRepoMan
Old Car Repair Shop

I go the this place often, the food is okay, the wings are ok, the salad is alright..

high turn over for the workers
(not a good sign, may be the owners not getting along w/ the workers.. EEEEEK!!!)

they pour shots into the EXACT-O-SHOT (no free hand pour)

By it being a BAR also, i've walked down and the doors have been closed by 11 something.. (I Guess they don't think ppl eat NOR DRINK after 11pm) when all other bars close @ 2am
Better off going to ED'S TAVERN. good food and crowd.

(no rating) Nov 10, 2010 - charlottean1957
at least get the name of the road right!

Morehead Street is where this place is located. Not "Moorehead."

And Westerly Hills? No, that's totally incorrect.

Nov 10, 2010 - charlottedotcomsux

I recently visited The Burger Co. with friends. I thought the burgers were good - better than most chain restaurants. My friends didn't seem to agree. We all felt the price was a bit much. Almost $10 for a burger, fries and drink will keep me from making this a regular spot, especially with Pinky's opening around the corner. The beer specials on the otherhand seem pretty reasonable. I may go for a drink there regularly but will probably pass on having meals there.

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