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Venue Review: Giacomo's Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

Visit Giacomo's for your own slice of pizza heaven
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By "Robin Hall Domeier"
The Charlotte Observer

10230 Berkeley Place Drive, in Pinnacle Point.

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When I think of Giacomo, I think of the 2005 Kentucky Derby winner. The stallion Giacomo won as a 50-1 long shot. I'd give odds that Giacomo's the restaurant would place and show.

In fact, Giacomo's made it to the Elite Eight in the Observer's Tournament of Pizza this spring.

Here's something else to like: Giacomo's is wallet-friendly. Even after ordering salad, a slice of pizza, pasta and veal, I made my $25 budget for dinner for two with pennies to spare.

If atmosphere was something you could eat, Giacomo's should put theirs on the menu. Garlic and tomato aromas drift through a dining room painted the color of pale orange sherbet. It was obvious the silk grape leaves and vines weren't real, but they made the dining area feel cozy and intimate.

Giacomo's, open almost two years, is co-owned by Italian natives Salvatore Illiano and Giacomo Virgadamo.

The pizza crust is chewy, but not overly so. If you order a slice of pepperoni, don't attack it the moment it comes to the table. The cheese and pepperoni will head south, down your hand and onto the table. Putting everything back onto the slice showed led me to see the kitchen didn't skimp on the topping.

Giacomo's lasagna features thin sheets of pasta on ground beef. Tomato sauce and mozzarella were piled on top, where the cheese melted and sort of shrink-wrapped itself onto the pasta, ensuring gooey goodness in every bite.

A small antipasto salad with capicola ham, salami and provolone spiraled together was a good companion to the lasagna.

The veal in the scaloppini don Giacomo wasn't exactly fork-tender, but it wasn't too tough, either. The dish included artichokes, mushrooms and green peppers in a sauce with strong lemon overtones.

Reviews & Comments
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(no rating) June 10, 2009 - The Charlotte Observer - Robin Hall Domeier

When I think of Giacomo, I think of the 2005 Kentucky Derby winner. The stallion Giacomo won as a 50-1 long shot. I'd give odds that Giacomo's the restaurant would place and show.

(Full review)
Jun 11, 2009 - Adelight

Giacomo's is such a fantastic restaruant!! The food is GREAT and the atmosphere is perfect! I have been to various Restaurants including popular chain italian Restaurants and I always find Giacomo's being better. Spending 16.50 on chicken sorrentino at carrabas and than going to Giacomos and getting it for about 6.00 cheaper and A LOT better quality!!! The choices are authentic and its not the same thing over and over again. So yes, for those of you who are use to just chain Restaurants or the $5.00 buffet at Cici's this may be different to you, because it has quality. For all of you who come from NY.... This is the place to go... the PIZZA IS AMAZING!!

Jun 11, 2009 - crusoe
CLT old history

Jack (Giacomo) is from Carlo's on n tryon st...very classic old style sicilian rest. with the checkered table cloths etc. Very low prices compared to others- portions very large so you can share and save a lot....I don't see where she said she went there for lunch- so I don't understand the other review...
I know there are " better" italian, however, this is original and worth going to when times are tight..

(no rating) Jun 10, 2009 - morpheus918

I ordered a one topping pizza there before, and it was ok, but not great. And it was far from inexpensive.

Jun 10, 2009 - matt285

Robin, your reviews can often be misleading when you say you made the $25 budget for DINNER for two. When in reality you ate there during LUNCH and are quoting the LUNCH menu. I have noticed this in the past with your reviews as well.I know lots of quality places two can eat from the LUNCH menu for $25 dollars. So what's the big deal? Stop making a fuss over low LUNCH time prices . When you eat at lunch the portions are smaller. Sure, small portions and self service are good for LUNCH but if you want to write about a true DINNER for two DINING bargain for $25, you'll need to search a wee bit harder. EDIT:The prices were what got my attention in this review, so I looked at the menu. She does not need to say she was there for LUNCH because she is QUOTING the LUNCH time prices like she usually does.It's misleading!

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