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Venue Review: Angela's Ristorante Italiano

Sauce, portions star Angela's
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Angela's Ristorante Italiano
By "Robin Hall Domeier, Special to the Observer"
The Charlotte Observer

The prices at Angela's were a little higher than what I expected for a restaurant in a strip mall. Still, if you want to treat yourself to a meal out, Angela's is a worthy choice.

Angela's is near the corner of Margaret Wallace and Idlewild, in the Mintworth Village shopping center. Visit Angela's before 2:30 p.m. for the bargains. Just about every menu category features entrée specials that are $1 cheaper than the listed price. The specials also include a free drink.

Once we ordered, the hard-working, attentive staff delivered baskets of bread, bottles of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Crusty on the outside and fluffy inside, this was one of the reasons we ended up taking food home. The other reason we had leftovers was due to Angela's enormous portions.

Half of my sausage and pepper sub went into a box. The half I did manage to eat combined slices of mild sausage and thick slices of green pepper inside a crisp roll. There was just enough tomato sauce to keep the sandwich moist but not make the bread soggy.

What I liked about Angela's baked ziti Siciliana was that the pasta, cheese, chopped eggplant and sauce weren't squished together into one unrecognizable lump. And I could have eaten vats of the faintly sweet tomato sauce. The ricotta and mozzarella cheeses gave the entrée a wonderful creaminess.

Our server forgot we ordered the antipasto all'Angela - which consisted of clams casino, mussels marinara, chicken Parmigana, stuffed eggplant and stuffed mushrooms. As a result, it showed up midway through our meal. Incredibly, we managed to eat it all anyway. The credit goes to the staff that prepared it. After the sweetness of the tomato sauce, the saltiness of the bacon in the clams casino was a nice surprise. Slices of soft garlic hid inside each mussel. Creamy ricotta cheese oozed out of the stuffed mushrooms and eggplant.

With a final bill of $34.75, we blew our budget of $25 for two. Still, I felt like I'd gotten my money's worth. And besides, the housemade tomato sauce alone is worth a visit.

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(no rating) Nov. 11, 2009 - The Charlotte Observer - Robin Hall Domeier, Special to the Observer

The prices at Angela's were a little higher than what I expected for a restaurant in a strip mall. Still, if you want to treat yourself to a meal out, Angela's is a worthy choice.

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Nov 12, 2009 - pxnfjls
Heaven on Earth

My family loves Angela's. They never disappoint. One visit to Angela's will make a regular customer out of you. Bella! Bella!

Nov 12, 2009 - tommy42B

At the risk of sounding cliche' mentioning an Italian restaurant and gambling in one breath-Im gonna say it.Expect the pay out here to be big when you bet the trifecta (the food:the people:the price)Winning combination at any given time.The atmosphere and portions are like a bonus check.Small bar area where they are not shy on the pour.You will enjoy this place-I bet on it.

Nov 11, 2009 - Eclipse
best best best

My husband and I love everything about Angela's. Afer the first few visits, there was no other choice in our mind for the best Italian restaurant. We have happily been repeat customers for nearly two years. We don't live in the area so we can't take advantage of the lunch prices but even when we drive over for dinner the prices are silly cheap for what they give and the taste of what is given. This classy little laid back casual restaurant is our favorite spot for dinner. I agree with Robin the sauce alone is worth a visit!

Oct 13, 2009 - JKathyJ

If you want an Italian restaurant to deliver authentic Italian taste,this is it.Great food, affordable with a neat vibe in the atmosphere. Husband&wife team, who, without saying a word
screams "Welcome to our Italian family".
Consistently impressed.Don't let the location fool you.

Feb 27, 2009 - flyingsolo
Our favorite in Charlotte

Being from the North, we are picky S.O.B's when it comes to our Pizza& Italian food. I can assure you,this place does it BEST! They are number one on our list. Cheese pie W/sausage, simple and superb.The veal dishes and the house made bread served warm,ummmm,DEEEEElicious.

(no rating) Feb 23, 2009 - Mardel
Good Italian Food

This is a really good Italian restaurant I've had the Sicilian pizza and the chicken cacciatore was the best, the NY style pizza was a little over cooked and to thin.

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